Configure the robot commands to point to the tasks

Implementing your robot in small increments and testing it often is important. You try running the robot. The robot fails, uttering its final words in the terminal panel:

[ ERROR ] Parsing 'tasks.robot' failed: File or directory to execute does not exist.

Oh, right. You renamed the tasks.robot to producer.robot. No worries. You open the robot.yaml file and modify it so that it points to the tasks that you defined in the producer.robot and the consumer.robot files:


tasks: Produce traffic data work items: robotTaskName: Produce traffic data work items Consume traffic data work items: robotTaskName: Consume traffic data work items condaConfigFile: conda.yaml artifactsDir: output PATH: - . PYTHONPATH: - . ignoreFiles: - .gitignore

The robotTaskName setting points to your tasks by their exact names. You do not need to specify the names of the robot files. Robocorp will figure those out. 🧠

You rerun the robot, and the Robocorp extension asks what task you want to run. You run both of the tasks, and they (should) pass. Great!