Automation Studio

Introduction to Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a free, easy-to-use tool for developing software robots. It provides an easy way to get started and get productive in developing software robots.

Automation Studio bridges the gap between business users and your dev team by creating a collaborative environment that doesn't limit your customization and scaling needs. Unlike most other RPA development environments, Automation Studio lets you move seamlessly between visual development and code.

  • Low floor, high ceiling: skill-up your team faster than ever
  • Move seamlessly between visual editor and code
  • Created robot code is compatible with other development tools
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac

Learn more about the business benefits of Automation Studio:

Get Started

🚀 Download and install Automation Studio
🔍 Check out the User Guide

Everything you need to get started comes packaged in a convenient installer for your operating system of choice.

Selecting the Web Example (RPA Challenge) as the first project type in Automation Studio is a great way to start. It shows how to use common functionality, such as opening a browser, custom keywords, variables and control structures, such as for -loops.

When you feel comfortable with the core functionality, you can try out creating a new robot using the "New Empty Robot" template and setting up keywords, locators, and control structures yourself!

Automation Studio makes it easy to get started with RPA development. It generates code (Robot Framework) that is fully compatible with all Robocorp tooling, including RCC, VS Code extensions and Control Room.

The goal of Automation Studio is to focus on common use cases. Thus, it doesn't support all of the more advanced functionality available in VS Code Extensions.

To learn more about Robocorp development, have a look at Robocorp documentation:

June 23, 2022