Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a free, easy-to-use tool for developing software robots. It provides an easy way to get started and get productive in developing software robots.

Automation Studio bridges the gap between business users and your dev team by creating a collaborative environment that doesn't limit your customization and scaling needs. Unlike most other RPA development tools, Automation Studio lets you move seamlessly between visual development and code.

  • Low floor, high ceiling: skill-up your team faster than ever
  • Move seamlessly between visual editor and code
  • Created robot code is compatible with other development tools
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Mac

Note, that Automation Studio is still new and limited in its capabilities. If you need more functionality, please check out the Visual Studio Code extensions. See the Automation Studio vs VS Code extensions table on this page for a comparison.

Learn more about the business benefits of Automation Studio:

Get started

The best way to get started with Automation Studio is to complete the free course Automation Studio for Beginners. It covers everything you need, including the installation of Automation Studio and all of the key concepts.

To just install Automation Studio, go to the Robocorp Download page.

Automation Studio vs VS Code extensions

Automation Studio offers visual development of robots and is aimed at new users and simple experiments. Visual Studio Code is best suited for those with previous experience in programming or who need more advanced functionality that is not available in Automation Studio.

Automation StudioVS Code extensions
Visual editor
Easy for new users
Robot Framework robots
Windows and web automation
Converter and flow visualization
Upload to Control Room
Work Data
Vaultplanned, on roadmap
Custom dependenciesplanned, on roadmap
Debuggerplanned, on roadmap
Complete training materialplanned, on roadmap
Flexible code editor
Python robots

Robots created in Automation Studio are compatible with VS Code and can be edited there further.

Note, that not all robots created in VS Code will work quite yet directly in Automation Studio due to some differences in libraries supported. The goal is to make these differences smaller in the future so that most robots could be moved seamlessly between Automation Studio and VS Code.

Share your feedback and report problems

Feedback is crucial for us in improving Automation Studio. Do not hesitate to share any feedback in our community Slack or Robocorp Forum

If you have any problems with the tool, you can report issues and problems via Help > Report Problem in the Automation Studio top menubar. This way we can get the much-needed logs so that we can solve any problem cases faster.

June 23, 2022