Downloading example robots

Robocorp Lab is being deprecated and will be replaced by Automation Studio in the Spring of 2022. At this time, we recommend using Visual Studio Code.

Example robots are a great way to get started with creating software robots. You can execute them with minimal setup, and they use the recommended structure and best practices.

You can find an ever-growing collection of example robots on our Portal site. You can easily download each example and run it with your preferred tool: RCC, the Robocorp VS Code extensions, or get the code directly from GitHub.

Getting started with the Robocorp Lab Basic tutorial

When you install Robocorp Lab for the first time, we recommend following along with the Lab Basic Tutorial example robot, which will guide you through the basics.

Click on the button on the welcome screen to get started!

Robocorp LAB welcome screen

August 20, 2021