Robocorp Lab keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet

Robocorp Lab is being deprecated and will be replaced by Automation Studio in the Spring of 2022. At this time, we recommend using Visual Studio Code.

A variety of keyboard shortcuts are available in Robocorp Lab to make development faster and more convenient. Here you can see them all in an easy to use cheatsheet:

Main Area
activate next tabCtrl Shift ]
activate previous tabCtrl Shift [
closeAlt W
close tabAccel W
toggle left areaAccel B
toggle modeAccel Shift D
toggle presentation mode(unset)
toggle right area(unset)
activate command paletteAccel Shift C
printAccel P
activate previously used tabAccel Shift '
File Operations
saveAccel S
save asAccel Shift S
highlightNextAccel G
highlightPreviousAccel Shift G
startAccel F
create main launcherAccel Shift L
toggle mainAccel Shift F
close and cleanupCtrl Shift Q
Image Viewer
flip horizontalH
flip verticalV
invert colorsI
reset image0
rotate clockwise]
rotate counterclockwise[
zoom in=
zoom out-
Settings Editor
openAccel ,
saveAccel S
openAccel I
Notebook Cell Operations
change cell to codeY
change cell to heading 11
change cell to heading 22
change cell to heading 33
change cell to heading 44
change cell to heading 55
change cell to heading 66
change cell to markdownM
change cell to rawR
copy cellC
cut cellX
delete cellD D
enter command modeEscape
enter command modeCtrl M
enter edit modeEnter
extend marked cells aboveShift ArrowUp
extend marked cells aboveShift K
extend marked cells belowShift ArrowDown
extend marked cells belowShift J
extend marked cells bottomShift End
extend marked cells topShift Home
insert cell aboveA
insert cell belowB
merge cellsShift M
move cursor downArrowDown
move cursor downJ
move cursor upArrowUp
move cursor upK
paste cell belowV
redo cell actionShift Z
run cellCtrl Enter
run cellCtrl Enter
run cell and insert belowAlt Enter
run cell and insert belowAlt Enter
run cell and select nextShift Enter
run in console(unset)
select allAccel A
split cell at cursorCtrl Shift -
toggle all cell line numbersShift L
toggle cell line numbersL
undo cell actionZ
launch consoleShift Tab
launch fileShift Tab
launch notebookShift Tab
Notebook Operations
line numbering(unset)
match brackets(unset)
Run Menu
runShift Enter
run all(unset)
restart and run allShift Accel Enter
activity runShift Accel R
Kernel Operations
interruptI I
restart0 0
restart and clear(unset)
clear all(unset)
clear current(unset)
find and replace(unset)
redoAccel Shift Z
undoAccel Z
linebreakAccel Enter
run forcedShift Enter
run forcedShift Enter
run unforcedEnter
invoke consoleCtrl Space
invoke fileCtrl Space
invoke notebookCtrl Space

The Accel key corresponds to Cmd on macOS and Ctrl on Windows/Linux.

You can also download a PDF version here.

June 1, 2020