Robocorp Lab Launcher

Robocorp Lab is being deprecated and will be replaced by Automation Studio in the Spring of 2022. At this time, we recommend using Visual Studio Code.

Opening Robocorp Lab for the first time

When opening up Robocorp Lab for the first time, a Launcher screen is displayed. This article explains the relevant options.

Robocorp Lab Launcher

Robocorp Lab remembers the files and tabs you had open in your last session and opens those automatically when you return to your robots later. The Launcher can be opened by navigating to File -> New Launcher.

The template structure: All the relevant files out-of-the-box

When creating a new robot in Robocorp Lab, a template structure is created for you. The template contains your main Robot task file (tasks.robot).

Creating new Robot or Python files

If you want to create additional Robot (.robot) or Python (.py) files, you can use the Launcher (File -> New Launcher), or the main menu (File -> New -> Python File, or File -> New -> Robot File).

Opening the terminal

The terminal can be used, for example, to add new Python dependencies. You can access the terminal from File -> New -> Terminal.

Using the Launcher screen to open the terminal, or to create new Python or Robot files

When using the Launcher screen, the relevant options are available under the Other section. The most relevant ones are Terminal, Python File, and Robot File.

Note that all of the mentioned options can be accessed from the main menu, too (File -> New).

The other options under Notebook and Console sections might be useful if you want to experiment with your code in a pure Notebook format (.ipynb), or want to use the interactive Python console for quick testing purposes.

August 20, 2021