Linking to Control Room

Robocorp Lab is being deprecated and will be replaced by Automation Studio in the Spring of 2022. At this time, we recommend using Visual Studio Code.

By linking Robocorp Lab to your Robocorp account, you can upload your robots to Control Room.

Automatic linking

Note for Linux users: Automatic linking requires the use of AppImage desktop integration.

  1. Open Robocorp Lab. You will see a welcome screen. Click the Log in to Robocorp Control Room button.
  2. Your browser opens the linking site. If you have logged in previously, you will get straight in; if not, you will get the normal login steps.
  3. Once on the linking site, you see the account you are logged in with. Check that this is correct.
  4. Click Link Robocorp Lab with your account.
  5. Your browser will ask permission to open Robocorp Lab. Click Open Robocorp Lab.
  6. Robocorp Lab will now handle the linking. This should only take a few seconds to complete.
  7. You should see your account avatar in the bottom left corner, which means you are done.

Robocorp Lab linking

Manual linking

Manual linking is meant only for cases where the automatic linking fails, so please always prefer the automatic method.

If the automatic linking does not work for you, linking can be done manually. You will need to create a new set of access credentials in Control Room, and provide them to Robocorb Lab by running a shell script.

  1. Go to Control Room Access Credentials.
  2. Create a new set of access credentials for your user and copy them to your clipboard. Access credential from Control Room

    Note: The access credential string you copy here represents you in Control Room, so keep this private.

  3. Start Robocorp Lab and open any robot
  4. Select File -> New -> Terminal
  5. In the terminal windows input the following commands:
    • rcc configure credentials <your access credentials here> -a RobocodeLab
    • rcc configure credentials -vManual link in Lab
  6. Restart Robocorp Lab, and you should see your avatar in the bottom left corner, which means that Robocorp Lab is now linked to your Robocorp account.
September 14, 2021