Language Server Protocol for Robot Framework

Language Server Protocol for Robot Framework

What is the Language Server Protocol (LSP), and why is it useful?

Language Server Protocol (LSP) provides developers with an open protocol for programming language support in integrated development environments (IDE) and source code editors. LSP allows that support to be created and distributed outside any specific type of IDE or editor. The Language Server Protocol is used between an editing tool (client) and the language support provider (server) to integrate various types of useful features. Some common feature examples integrated through LSP are tooltips, code completion, find-references, and jump-to-definitions. Having a separate language server for LSP allows other communities that specialize in client or editor development to concentrate on delivering better extensions or plugins.

How does Robot Framework Language Server make things easier?

Robot Framework Language Server extension features include code completion, syntax highlighting and validation, code formatting, go-to-definition, signature help, and more!

November 19, 2021