Windows desktop application robot

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This software robot opens the Spotify desktop application, searches for the given song, and plays the song. The robot demonstrates the basic Windows-automation capabilities of the RPA Framework, using keyboard navigation.

This robot currently works only on Windows. You need to have the Spotify Premium desktop application (Windows) installed on your machine. The robot expects the user to be already logged in when it launches the application.

Using Windows search to find the Spotify desktop application

Song playing in the Spotify Windows desktop application

Robot script

*** Settings *** Documentation Spotify Windows desktop application robot. Opens the Spotify ... desktop application, searches for the given song, and plays ... the song. Demonstrates the basic Windows automation ... capabilities of the RPA Framework. Library RPA.Windows *** Variables *** ${SONG_NAME}= Monody *** Tasks *** Open Spotify desktop application and play a song Open the Spotify desktop application Search for the song Select the song Play the song *** Keywords *** Open the Spotify desktop application Windows Search Spotify Sleep 3s Search for the song Send Keys keys={CTRL}l Send Keys keys=${SONG_NAME} Sleep 3s Select the song Send Keys keys={ENTER}{TAB}{ENTER} Sleep 3s Play the song Send Keys keys={ENTER}

Robot script explained

This section explains some of the keywords used in this robot script.

Windows Search Spotify

The Windows Search keyword is provided by the RPA.Windows library. The keyword opens the application using the Windows search dialog.

Send Keys keys={CTRL}l

The Send Keys keyword sends given keys to Windows. The {CTRL}l means Ctrl+L on Windows. See RPA.Windows documentation for the available key codes.

Last edit: March 31, 2022