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JSON manipulation

When working with APIs, JSON is one of the most popular data formats.

The RPA.JSON library allows converting, reading, writing, manipulating, saving, and loading JSON using JSONPath.

Robot Framework example

*** Settings ***
Documentation     Examples of JSON operations.
Library           RPA.JSON

*** Tasks ***
JSON operations
    ${json}=    Convert String to JSON    {"orders": [{"id": 1},{"id": 2}]}
    # ${json} = {'orders': [{'id': 1}, {'id': 2}]}
    ${first_order_id}=    Get value from JSON    ${json}    $.orders[0].id
    # ${first_order_id} = 1
    ${all_ids}=    Get values from JSON    ${json}    $..id
    # ${all_ids} = [1, 2]
    ${json}=    Add to JSON    ${json}    $.orders    {"id": 3}
    # ${json} = {'orders': [{'id': 1}, {'id': 2}, '{"id": 3}']}
    ${json}=    Delete from JSON    ${json}    $.orders[-1:]
    # ${json} = {'orders': [{'id': 1}, {'id': 2}]}
    ${json}=    Update value to JSON    ${json}    $.orders[1].id    4
    # ${json} = {'orders': [{'id': 1}, {'id': '4'}]}
    ${json_as_string}=    Convert JSON to String    ${json}
    # ${json_as_string} = {"orders": [{"id": 1}, {"id": "4"}]}
    Save JSON to file    ${json_as_string}    orders.json
    ${json}=    Load JSON from file    orders.json
    # ${json} = {'orders': [{'id': 1}, {'id': '4'}]}

Python example

Disclaimer: The standard Python json library can handle JSON manipulation very effectively. If going 100% Python, consider using that. You do not have to use RPA.JSON library in that case! The example here is to provide comparison of using the library in Robot Framework and in Python.

from RPA.JSON import JSON

json_lib = JSON()

def json_operations():
    json = json_lib.convert_string_to_json('{"orders": [{"id": 1},{"id": 2}]}')
    first_order_id = json_lib.get_value_from_json(json, "$.orders[0].id")
    all_ids = json_lib.get_values_from_json(json, "$..id")
    json = json_lib.add_to_json(json, "$.orders",    {"id": 3})
    json = json_lib.delete_from_json(json, "$.orders[-1:]")
    json = json_lib.update_value_to_json(json, "$.orders[1].id", 4)
    json_as_string = json_lib.convert_json_to_string(json)
    json_lib.save_json_to_file(json_as_string, "orders.json")
    json = json_lib.load_json_from_file("orders.json")

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

Learn more about the libraries mentioned on this page:

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