QA and best practices

In this section, you can find all the best practices and quality assurance (QA) articles, with tips and reccomendations to keep your automation code in top shape.

How to handle task failures in Robot Framework RPA robots

Strategies for handling potentially brittle tasks.


Best practices regarding documentation in your Robotic Process Automation projects

Naming best practices for robots and coding in general

Good naming communicates intent, serves as documentation, and improves maintainability. Learn the best practices regarding naming things!

Options for checking your RPA scripts

A general overview of some available options for checking your Robot Framework RPA scripts using --dryrun and robotframework-lint

Retry logic

Best practices regarding handling retry logic in robotic process automation scripts.

Dependency versioning

Using fixed versions of dependencies such as Python packages is a best practice.

Version control

Best practices regarding version control in RPA software robots

Best practices in creating Python robots

When using Robot Framework, you are essentially using Python, but you can also write your robots in pure Python. In any case, you should strive to write pythonic code.

Environment validation and hardening

Best practices regarding environment validation and hardening

Sharing robot code and libraries

Best practices regarding sharing and reusing functionality across robots.

Unit testing with Python

How to test your Python libraries with pytest - a practical guide.

Unit testing with Robot Framework

How to test your Python libraries with Robot Framework - a practical guide.

Last edit: January 14, 2021