Machine learning with Robocorp and


Aito is on a mission to help everyone solve the world's problems - big or small - with machine learning. This is possible by providing easy to use ML tools to developers.

Aito is the fastest and easiest machine learning tool for automation teams and developers. Aito is used like a database, with simple predictive queries.

Use case: Labeling support tickets

Most companies have a ticketing system in use. Whether it be internal development or external customer support, everything has to have a ticket. The tickets need to be labeled to keep track of which tickets are important and which team the ticket task belongs to. The person labeling the tickets needs to read through the whole ticket before deciding which class the ticket belongs to, or how urgently it needs to be addressed. With many incoming tickets, this task takes a lot of time and isn't very motivating for the employees.

This is where Aito comes along and gives out a helping hand. Aito uses the historical data on how the tickets were labeled in the past and deduces how the new incoming tickets should be labeled.

Aito also gives a probability for the predicted label, so the employee can manually check those cases in which Aito wasn't entirely sure about the label. Instead of going through 50 tickets per day, the employee now only has to check the more tricky ones. Using Robocorp, you can create the whole infrastructure in a flash and have the entire process running in the cloud as a scheduled task.


Check the tutorial on the Aito website, where you will learn how to use Aito with the Robocorp tools and run intelligent workflows in the cloud!

February 10, 2021