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Library for common encryption and hashing operations.

It uses the Fernet format for encryption. More specifically, it uses AES in CBC mode with a 128-bit key for encryption and HMAC with SHA256 for authentication.

To use the encryption features, generate a key with the command line utility rpa-crypto or with the keyword Generate Key. Store the key in a secure place, such as Robocorp Vault, and load it within the execution before calling encryption/decryption keywords.

Example usage with Robocorp Vault

Create an encryption key with the CLI utility:

> rpa-crypto key

Store the key in Robocorp Vault, in this case with the name EncryptionKey.

Load the key from the vault before encryption operations:

Use encryption key from vault    EncryptionKey
${encrypted}=   Encrypt file    orders.xlsx
Add work item file    ${encrypted}    name=Orders

In another task, this same key can be used to decrypt the file:

Use encryption key from vault    EncryptionKey
${encrypted}=    Get work item file    Orders
${orders}=   Decrypt file    ${encrypted}