Notifier is a library interfacting with different notification providers.

Supported providers

  • email
  • gmail
  • pushover
  • slack
  • telegram
  • twilio

Providers not supported yet via specific keywords

  • gitter
  • join
  • mailgun
  • pagerduty
  • popcornnotify
  • pushbullet
  • simplepush
  • statuspage
  • zulip

There is a keyword Generic Notify which can be used to call above services, for example.

Generic Notify provider_name=gitter message=Hello from Robot token=TOKEN room_id=ID_OF_THE_GITTER_ROOM

Parameters for different providers can be read from the Notifiers documents (link below).

Read more at https://notifiers.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

About kwargs

The **kwargs is a term for any extra named parameters, which can be included in the same way as already named arguments, e.g. Notify Email could be called with subject=my email subject which will be passed through **kwargs.

Notifier documentation contains information about all possible arguments that different providers support.

Robot Framework

&{account}= Create Dictionary ... host=smtp.office365.com ... username=ACCOUNT_USERNAME ... password=ACCOUNT_PASSWORD Notify Email ... to=RECIPIENT_EMAIL ... from_=SENDER_ADDRESS # passed via kwargs ... subject=Hello from the Robot # passed via kwargs ... message=Hello from the Robot ... &{account} # passed via kwargs
notifier = Notifier() account = { "host": "smtp.office365.com", "username": "EMAIL_USERNAME", "password": "EMAIL_PASSWORD" } notifier.email_notify( to="RECIPIENT_EMAIL", from_="SENDER_EMAIL", subject="Hello from the Python Robot", message="Hello from the Python RObot", **account )


Robot Framework

*** Settings *** Library RPA.Notifier *** Variables *** ${SLACK_WEBHOOK} https://hooks.slack.com/services/WEBHOOKDETAILS ${CHANNEL} notification-channel *** Tasks *** Lets notify Notify Slack message from robot channel=${CHANNEL} webhook_url=${SLACK_WEBHOOK}


from RPA.Notifier import Notifier library = Notifier() slack_attachments = [ { "title": "attachment 1", "fallback": "liverpool logo", "image_url": "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fi/thumb/c/cd/Liverpool_FC-n_logo.svg/1200px-Liverpool_FC-n_logo.svg.png", } ] library.notify_slack( message='message for the Slack', channel="notification-channel", webhook_url=slack_webhook_url, attachments=slack_attachments, )