Control Room Asset Storage library operating with the cloud built-in key-value store.

Library requires at the minimum rpaframework version 24.0.0.


*** Tasks *** Manage Assets @{assets} = List Assets Log List ${assets} Set Text Asset my-asset My string asset value ${value} = Get Text Asset my-asset Log Asset value: ${value} Delete Asset my-asset
import logging from RPA.Robocorp.Storage import Storage storage = Storage() def manage_assets(): assets = storage.list_assets() logging.info(assets) storage.set_text_asset("my-asset", "My string asset value") value = storage.get_text_asset("my-asset") logging.info("Asset value: %s", value) storage.delete_asset("my-asset")


Currently, there's no local file adapter support, therefore you need to be linked to Control Room and connected to a Workspace in VSCode before being able to develop locally robots using this functionality.

While the content type can be controlled (during bytes and file setting), it is currently disabled in this version of the library for simplicity reasons.