Salesforce is a library for accessing Salesforce using REST API. The library extends simple-salesforce library.

More information available at Salesforce REST API Developer Guide.


The keyword execute_dataloader_import can be used to mimic Salesforce Dataloader import behaviour.

input_object can be given in different formats. Below is an example where input is in RPA.Table format in method a and list format in method b.

*** Settings ***
Library     RPA.Salesforce
Library     RPA.Database
Task Setup  Authorize Salesforce

*** Tasks ***
# Method a
${orders}=        Database Query Result As Table
...               SELECT * FROM incoming_orders
${status}=        Execute Dataloader Insert
...               ${orders}  ${mapping_dict}  Tilaus__c
# Method b
${status}=        Execute Dataloader Insert
...               ${WORKDIR}${/}orders.json  ${mapping_dict}  Tilaus__c

Example file orders.json

        "asiakas": "0015I000002jBLIQA2"
        "asiakas": "0015I000002jBLDQA2"

mapping_object describes how the input data fields are mapped into Salesforce object attributes. In the example, the mapping defines that asiakas attribute in the input object is mapped into Tilaaja__c attribute of Tilaus__c custom Salesforce object.

    "Tilaus__c": {
        "asiakas": "Tilaaja__c"

Object type could be, for example, Tilaus__c.

Salesforce object operations

Following operations can be used to manage Salesforce objects:

  • Get Salesforce Object By Id
  • Create Salesforce Object
  • Update Salesforce Object
  • Upsert Salesforce Object
  • Delete Salesforce Object
  • Get Salesforce Object Metadata
  • Describe Salesforce Object


Robot Framework

*** Settings ***
Library     RPA.Salesforce
Task Setup  Authorize Salesforce

*** Variables ***
${ACCOUNT_NOKIA}    0015I000002jBLDQA2

*** Tasks ***
Change account details in Salesforce
    &{account}=      Get Salesforce Object By Id   Account  ${ACCOUNT_NOKIA}
    &{update_obj}=   Create Dictionary   Name=Nokia Ltd  BillingStreet=Nokia bulevard 1
    ${result}=       Update Salesforce Object  Account  ${ACCOUNT_NOKIA}  ${update_obj}

*** Keywords ***
Authorize Salesforce
    ${secrets}=     Get Secret   salesforce
    Auth With Token
    ...        username=${secrets}[USERNAME]
    ...        password=${secrets}[PASSWORD]
    ...        api_token=${secrets}[API_TOKEN]


import pprint
from RPA.Salesforce import Salesforce
from RPA.Robocorp.Vault import FileSecrets

pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
filesecrets = FileSecrets("secrets.json")
secrets = filesecrets.get_secret("salesforce")

sf = Salesforce()
nokia_account_id = "0015I000002jBLDQA2"
account = sf.get_salesforce_object_by_id("Account", nokia_account_id)
billing_information = {
    "BillingStreet": "Nokia Bulevard 1",
    "BillingCity": "Espoo",
    "BillingPostalCode": "01210",
    "BillingCountry": "Finland",
result = sf.update_salesforce_object("Account", nokia_account_id, billing_information)
print(f"Update result: {result}")