This library wraps the upstream SapGuiLibrary.

The SapGuiLibrary is a library that enables users to create tests for the Sap Gui application

The library uses the Sap Scripting Engine, therefore Scripting must be enabled in Sap in order for this library to work.

Opening a connection / Before running tests

First of all, you have to make sure the Sap Logon Pad is started. You can automate this process by using the AutoIT library or the Process Library.

After the Sap Login Pad is started, you can connect to the Sap Session using the keyword connect to session.

If you have a successful connection you can use Open Connection to open a new connection from the Sap Logon Pad or Connect To Existing Connection to connect to a connection that is already open.

Locating or specifying elements

You need to specify elements starting from the window ID, for example, wnd[0]/tbar[1]/btn[8]. In some cases the SAP ID contains backslashes. Make sure you escape these backslashes by adding another backslash in front of it.

Screenshots (on error)

The SapGUILibrary offers an option for automatic screenshots on error. Default this option is enabled, use keyword disable screenshots on error to skip the screenshot functionality. Alternatively, this option can be set at import.


Sets default variables for the library