Robocorp App (3.0.2)

September 24, 2020

Application name changed from Robocloud Worker to Robocorp App.

Even though this is a major version update this does not break backward compatibility. In different operating systems the application name change caused problems so a major version upgrade had to be done.

For MacOS users the auto-update notification is unfortunately not working correctly for this major version update so a more direct guide is:

  • Open Finder and find the Robocloud Worker application under the Applications folder.
  • Right-click on the application name and select Move to Bin.
  • Download and install the new app from here

Windows users can just get the new installer and run it.
On Linux the AppImage name changes.

Updated uninstall and install guides available.

Robocorp Lab (4.0.5)

September 23, 2020

This is a major version update. Please uninstall the previous version of the application and install the new version by downloading it from Instructions for uninstallation are available at our documentation site.

Features and changes

  • Onboarding tutorial provided to users on the first install. Guide how to get my-first-robot up and running. Onboarding
  • New and much faster "test run" for robots to be tested locally before uploading to the cloud.
    • Isolated run environments are re-used whenever possible to improve performance.
    • New flexible file structure enabled by a new robot.yaml configuration file.
    • Guide on migrating to the robot.yaml.
    • Please note this a breaking change, and your existing robots will need to be migrated... the prize is a LOT faster test run.
    • All robot examples have been updated to use the robot.yaml configuration, and more examples have been added. You should get the latest examples and try them out. Test run
  • Application name changed to Robocorp Lab (from Robocode Lab). Other naming changes to improve UX.
  • Language Server Protocol upgrade has improvements on auto-completion and other fixes.
  • Error handling fixes.
  • The new ROBOT_ROOT environment variable can be used in scripts to refer to the base of the robot folder structure, instead of using relative paths.

Robocorp App (2.10.0)

September 21, 2020

Worker improvements

  • Support for robot.yaml configuration

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-09-15)

September 15, 2020

Terminology changes (product naming):

  • Robocloud is now called Robocorp Cloud
  • Worker (application) is now called Robocorp App

Terminology changes (Robocorp Cloud functionality):

  • Activities (in a process) are now called Steps
  • Activities (the code) are now called Robots
  • Activity runs are now called Robot runs
  • Cloud run minutes are now called Robot run minutes
  • Workers (environments) are now called Runtime Environments
  • Source (in a package) is now called Origin

Roles and permissions:

  • Added role-based access management to the organization level
  • Added role-based access management to the workspace level


  • Support dropped for RPA framework versions older than 2.20

UX improvements:

  • Autogenerated organization and workspace short names for new organizations are now more user friendly
  • Organization and workspace short names can be customized at Team and Pro -tiers
  • New login page and introduction flow
  • General UI improvements to multiple views

Payment plans:

  • Team and Pro subscriptions are now available for purchase
  • All subscriptions are now counting robot run minutes
  • Additional on-demand robot run minutes can be enabled from the “Cost management” view under the organization’s “Plan & Billing” settings.

Robocorp Lab (3.8.8)

September 14, 2020
  • Some additions to the anonymous error metrics information which is used for diagnosing and resolving possible technical and performance issues.