Robocorp App (3.1.5)

October 21, 2020


Add a new authentication method via the Robocorp ID services. The link page will now have a button that opens a page in a browser that links the browser session Robocorp account to the Robocorp App.

Added an alternative method for Assistant feature to authenticate to Robocorp Cloud, using the access credentials that can be created in the Robocorp Cloud.

Robot Assistant

  • Linux and macOS: Fixed an issue where terminate run didn't correctly stop the run process
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where a space character in the username could fail the assistant run
  • Improvement: Added a loading indicator when fetching assistants for workspace


  • Fixed an issue where the workforce unlink option was available even when Workforce was not linked
  • Better timeout handling for Robocorp Cloud API calls
  • Added support for robotTaskName option in the robot.yaml configuration

Robocorp App (3.0.7)

October 14, 2020

Robot Assistants

New functionality to run robots directly from Robocorp App.

Known issues:

  • Currently, there is a conflict using Robocorp App and Robocorp Lab simultaneously. When authenticating Robocorp App to assistant functionality, make sure Robocorp Lab is closed.
  • On Windows, if your username contains a space, your assistant runs might fail.
  • On Linux and MacOS, the terminate assistant run feature does not currently work correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where artifact upload could hang the cloud process when a directory is found in the output folder.
  • Changed the live console log to truncate after 1000 lines or 20k characters, also made the truncate message more clear.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-10-13)

October 13, 2020

Robot Workforce:

  • Processes are now under the Workforce tab in the Workspace top navigation. This is to separate our product functionality on a high level into Robot Workforce and Robot Assistants.

Robot Assistants (Beta):

  • Robot Assistants are now available under the Assistants tab in the Workspace top navigation. They are similar to what is commonly known as “Attended robots” and are designed to fit use cases where users perform tasks locally.
  • Assistants are launched as Beta, so there might be bugs and breaking changes. Try them out and let us know what you think!
  • Robocorp App needs to be updated to work with Assistants.

Workspace sharing improvements:

  • Sharing button added to Workspace top navigation.
  • Sending an invite from a Workspace will add the user to both the Organization and the Workspace if the inviter has the suitable roles.

Work Item file support:

  • Work Items now support files with RPA Framework.

UI improvements:

  • General UI improvements to multiple views.

Robocorp Lab (4.2.7)

October 13, 2020

Productivity improvements:

  • Auto-completion fixed to complete keywords with spaces correctly.
  • Auto-completion shortcut changed to Ctrl + Space.
  • Tab-key now only inserts tab (4 spaces).
  • Ctrl/Cmd + W shortcut no longer closes the opened Robot, but a single IDE tab instead.

Keyword explorer beta

  • Side tab providing a list of curated keywords and their documentation. Ability to copy the keyword to clipboard.
  • This is the first beta-feature release so there are still some rough edges:
    • Keyword documentation is not yet formatted.
    • Separating searches to 'installed keywords' vs 'everything' is coming soon.
  • Any and all feedback is more than welcome as that is the main reason for the beta items.

Lab Linking improvements

  • Now working with Linux when using AppImage desktop integration.
  • The error message ACC_1_10 has been improved to be more descriptive:
    • Notifies if you already have too many access credentials defined in Robocorp Cloud.
    • Notifies if your account is missing email verification.

Robocorp Lab (4.0.7)

October 2, 2020

Features and changes

  • Simpler Robocorp Cloud linking --> Linking Lab to Robocorp Cloud is now a three-click process if you are already logged in to Robocorp.

Lab Linking