Robocorp Cloud changelog

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-09-15)

September 15, 2020

Terminology changes (product naming):

  • Robocloud is now called Robocorp Cloud
  • Worker (application) is now called Robocorp App

Terminology changes (Robocorp Cloud functionality):

  • Activities (in a process) are now called Steps
  • Activities (the code) are now called Robots
  • Activity runs are now called Robot runs
  • Cloud run minutes are now called Robot run minutes
  • Workers (environments) are now called Runtime Environments
  • Source (in a package) is now called Origin

Roles and permissions:

  • Added role-based access management to the organization level
  • Added role-based access management to the workspace level


  • Support dropped for RPA framework versions older than 2.20

UX improvements:

  • Autogenerated organization and workspace short names for new organizations are now more user friendly
  • Organization and workspace short names can be customized at Team and Pro -tiers
  • New login page and introduction flow
  • General UI improvements to multiple views

Payment plans:

  • Team and Pro subscriptions are now available for purchase
  • All subscriptions are now counting robot run minutes
  • Additional on-demand robot run minutes can be enabled from the “Cost management” view under the organization’s “Plan & Billing” settings.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-08-13)

August 13, 2020

Process API

  • The process-specific secret can be sent as query parameter robocloud-process-secret. This enables integration with webhooks that do not support custom headers.

Concurrency limit

  • Increased the maximum amount of concurrent activity runs on Robocorp hosted workers from 3 to 10.
  • Fixed an issue with concurrency limit checking when multiple runs were triggered simultaneously.

UI improvements

  • Simplified UX for adding activities to process
  • Fixed activity re-ordering
  • Link to changelog and other smaller fixes

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-07-17)

July 17, 2020

Activity Package support improved

Robocorp Cloud Activity Package support

  • Activity packages using the package.yaml now has better support in Robocorp Cloud
  • Packages with multiple activities are easier to use
  • When using a package.yaml you no longer need to define command when adding activities to a process.
  • In the Process -view Activities table you can now see the package and the activity without browsing into each activity.
  • For Command Only type packages the command is also shown in the Process -view

Activity ordering

  • You are now able to change the order of the activities in a process by just drag-n-dropping them.

Activity order

Process API improvements

  • Starting process via API will now returns the started process details
  • You can then query the process status
  • Check out the article about the API usage

Security improvements

  • Vault end-to-end encryption improved to use AES-256-GCM instead of AES-256-CBC for the symmetric part of the encryption. Also added the capability to change/update the encryption algorithms later on. Related update to rpaframework coming as well. This change will not require code changes.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-06-27)

June 27, 2020

Organizations are now live

Robocorp Cloud organizations

  • Organizations are shared spaces that can be used to manage multiple workspaces and user access under one entity. Each organization has its own management functions and billing.
  • Currently, all members of the organization belong to all workspaces in it; we will introduce access separation and user roles later on.
  • Each existing workspace will now be found under an organization that has been created automatically for it as part of this update.
  • All organizations are now on the free Developer -tier. More information about tiers and pricing coming soon.
  • More information about organizations can be found in this article on Robohub.

Security audit

  • External security audit has been completed, and we now endorse production use of the system.

Terminology changes

  • Robocorp Apps that users host themselves are now called "Self-hosted Robocorp Apps"
  • Robocontainer is now called "Robocorp hosted Cloud Container"

Lots of UI improvements

  • Many views have been improved for better user experience.

Robocorp Cloud update (2020-06-13)

June 13, 2020

Organizations are coming!

  • We are preparing to launch organizations to Robocorp Cloud, which will be new a structure for managing Workspaces and user access (a bit similar to organizations in Github).
  • In this first phase, we are changing the "Private Workspace" concept, and will migrate all private workspaces to the new model. The only change for now is that users are able to invite other users to their old private Workspaces.
  • More information about organizations can be found in this article on Robohub.

Processes view reworked

  • We have removed the workspace Dashboard (it will come back later in a new and improved form) and reworked the Processes view which now includes the information from the old Dashboard view: Robocorp Cloud Processes View

Activity Package terminology change

  • The zip files containing activities are now called "Activity Packages" or "Packages" for short.
  • When adding Activities to a process you now select them from Packages: Robocorp Cloud Packages View

UI changes

  • New User menu
  • Separate Help menu
  • New landing page where you select your workspace
  • Other smaller tweaks