Robocorp overview

Robocorp Overview

Learn. Build. Run.

That is the Robocorp ecosystem mantra in a nutshell.


To learn the art of building and running software robots, you have documentation (this website). The documentation includes resources for all-the-things related to software robot development.


To build software robots, you have Robocorp Lab, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed specifically to make software robot development frictionless.

RPA Framework is an ever-growing collection of automation-related libraries to assist with automation efforts. Need to process Excel files? Need to interact with a browser or a desktop application? RPA Framework provides libraries for many automation use cases. You can find RPA Framework and other libraries at the libraries section.

The actual automation scripts build on top of Robot Framework, a generic open-source automation framework, used by many industry-leading companies in their software development.


To run software robots, you have Robocorp Cloud and Robocorp App. Robocorp Cloud provides centralized orchestration of software robots (what to run, where, and when) in selected environments in a highly secure and scalable way. Robocorp App provides a way to execute robots in an isolated environment on a target machine.