Using Robot Assistants in Robocorp Cloud

This is a Beta feature. During the beta phase, running robot assistants will not count towards your running minutes.

Robot assistants can work together with humans to complete automated tasks.

When added as an assistant, a robot:

  • is started directly by the end user via the UI of the Robocorp App
  • can be configured to accept inputs from the user at various stages during the process
  • will report back to Robocorp Cloud the status of the operation, and any artifacts produced during its execution.

For assistants, Robocorp Cloud is used to:

  • host the actual robot code (like with Workforce Robots)
  • create and maintain the list of assistants available in a workspace
  • provide a user interface to review each robot assistant run and any created artifacts.

Adding a robot as an assistant

  1. Create your robot as usual, using our developer tools.
  2. Navigate to the desired workspace in your organization.
  3. Upload your robot to the cloud.
  4. Navigate to the Assistants section, and click on the New Assistant button. Provide a name for the assistant, for example, My assistant. Select your robot, and click Create: Creating an assistant

Running assistants in Robocorp App

  1. Download and install Robocorp App
  2. Click on Robot Assistant on the starting screen: Choose assistant
  3. Link Robocorp App to your Robocorp Cloud account.
  4. Select the workspace where you added your assistant. You will see a list of all the defined assistants in that workspace. Choose workspace
  5. You can now start an assistant by clicking on the start button. Start assistant

You can monitor the state of the process directly in the App. When the run is finished, you can access the output on Robocorp Cloud with one click. Monitor status and access ouput

Here is an example of an assistant that allows the user to upload a file for the robot to use thanks to the RPA.Dialogs library:

Example of robot assistant running