Troubleshooting Robocorp Lab

This page collects all requirements, tips & tricks on getting Robocorp Lab to work in more eccentric environments.

Windows has to have long filenames support on

Python environments naturally create quite long folder paths that can easily go over the limitation in older Windows systems that enforced a maximum length of 260 characters for file names.

Most regular Windows setups already support longer file paths, but it seems that some enterprise versions still have the old setting enabled.

You can fix the problem by following the guide below: (note that you will need admin permissions)

If you are working with an IT department, you should notify them to make this change into a company-wide setting.

  1. Open the Local Group Policy Editor application: - Start --> type gpedit.msc --> Enter: gpedit
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem. On the right, find the "Enable win32 long paths" item and double-click it. gpedit-target
  3. Change the setting to Enabledgpedit-enabled
  4. Exit the Local Group Policy Editor and restart your computer (or sign out and back in) to allow the changes to finish.