Robocorp Cloud Authorization Model

Robocorp Cloud Authorization Model

Users access Robocorp Cloud via login or by using Access Credentials. Organizations and Workspaces are Robocorp Cloud specific terms that describe the authorization layer. Robocorp App is the unit that executes robots.

User is used to log into Robocorp Cloud via or users may use Robocorp Cloud via her or his access credentials. For optimal security, do not use shared accounts, but allow each user of Robocorp Cloud to register with her or his account.

Access credentials grant programmatic access to Robocorp Cloud and can perform actions such as uploading and downloading robots. For security purposes, it is important to note that these credentials should be treated with as much secrecy as login credentials, as they grant the equal amount of access to a Robocorp Cloud account. A user can have multiple Access Credentials.

User can be a part of multiple Organizations that host a number of Workspaces. Other users can be added to an organization. Upon joining, the users can have access to all of the workspaces under the organization. One user can be a member of multiple organizations.

Workspaces are smaller units inside an organization. Robocorp Apps connect to a workspace and have access to resources within that workspace. The same Robocorp App cannot be in multiple Workspaces simultaneously.

Authorization Model in Robocorp Cloud