Assistant quick guide

Getting started using a Robot Assistant with Robocorp Cloud is quick and easy.

This guide is for the user that will trigger and interact with the robot assistant. To learn how to develop and set up robot assistants check the development guide instead.

Get your Robocorp Cloud Account

Register for a Robocorp Cloud account, or request an invitation from your organization.

Make sure that your account is associated with the correct Robocorp Cloud workspace, or you will not be able to access the assistant.

Download and install Robocorp App for your operating system

To trigger and interact with Robot Assistants, you will need the Robocorp App desktop application running on your machine.

Follow the Installation instructions to download, install and connect Roboocorp App with your Robocorp Cloud account.

Launching robot assistants

  1. Click on Robot Assistant on the starting screen in Robocorp App: Choose assistant
  2. If your account is associated with more than one workspace, select the correct workspace from the list: Choose workspace
  3. The app will display all robot assistants defined in your workspace. You can start an assistant by clicking on the start button next to it: Start assistant

During the assistant's execution, you might be asked to perform manual operations, like uploading a file or choosing from a set of options in a form.

Viewing the results

You can monitor the state of the process directly in Robocorp App.

When the run is finished, you can view a summary and access all the files that have been generated by clicking on the Output link. Your browser will be opened on Robocorp Cloud.

Monitor status and access ouput