Robocorp App

As of April 2021, the Robocorp App will be split into two. We have seen for a while now that the use cases and needs between attended and unattended cases are so different that a single application trying to hold all the differences makes things more complex for everyone.

For attended use cases we provide Robocorp Assistant. The UI will be getting a significant face-lift to be more end-user-friendly.

For unattended use cases we provide Robocorp Workforce Agent. The focus of the release is on stability improvements.

We recommend updating the new applications as they hold all the Robocorp App features for the different use cases.

Migrate from Robocorp App to Assistant

Migrate from Robocorp App to Workforce Agent

  • Install Robocorp Workforce Agent
    • If you have linked the Robocorp App Workforce side to Cloud, the linking is migrated to the new application; no changes are needed in Robocorp Cloud.
    • We do not recommend running Robocorp App and Robocorp App Workforce side-by-side as the two are fighting for the same connections.
  • Uninstall Robocorp App
  • If you are running Robocorp App as a service, we have new guides coming out soon
    • Workforce Agent application no longer houses the service setup as it caused collisions and confusion.
    • Existing setups will not stop working, so no immediate action is required.


Using both Assistant and Workforce Agent

You can install and run both Robocorp Assistant and Robocorp Workforce Agent on the same machine. They can even trigger executions simultaneously, but this is not recommended as the robots themselves can collide when accessing the same local applications or resources.