Running processes locally

Control Room allows you to manage, orchestrate, and schedule the execution of your software robots in a central place. Robocorp Cloud has Processes, which contain steps that Runtime Environments execute. A Runtime Environment can be a Docker container or an actual physical or virtual machine running the Robocorp Workforce Agent application.

This article instructs how to set up a Robocorp Cloud workforce process to run on a local machine via Robocorp Workforce Agent.

Please note: Using this approach, the robot's triggering is still the responsibility of Robocorp Cloud. Suppose you plan to set up attended automation, allowing the end-user to trigger the robot and interact with it. In that case, we suggest you look into the Robot Assistant feature instead.

You will need a Robocorp Cloud account and Robocorp Workforce Agent, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux to follow along. If you haven't already, you might want to follow the Quickstart guide to get familiar with Robocorp Cloud.

Follow the Robocorp Workforce Agent installation guide to install and link Robocorp Workforce Agent to your workspace in Robocorp Cloud. Make sure your Robocorp Workforce Agent is correctly linked and running:

Robocorp Cloud- Runtime Environment running

In the Environments page of your workspace in Robocorp Cloud, you should now see your Robocorp Workforce Agent, marked as Idle:

Robocorp Cloud - Runtime Environment idle

With the Robocorp Workforce Agent set up and running, we are ready to assign it something to do!

Set the step in your process to point to your local environment

  1. In Robocorp Cloud, navigate to your process and open a step Robocorp Cloud - Open process step
  2. Edit the environment of the step to point to your local environment Robocorp Cloud - Edit step environment
  3. You can now return to the Process view in Robocorp Cloud and run the process.
    • Note that Robocorp Workforce Agent application itself does not show anything other than just logging about the execution; it is designed to stay in the background. Robocorp Cloud - Running locally


By installing and running Robocorp Workforce Agent in a target system, you can run your robots there. Robots are triggered and scheduled in Robocorp Cloud, and artifacts and logs are uploaded to Robocorp Cloud.

Tip: Different steps in a process can be executed in different environments as needed. This enables you, for example, to off-load heavy processing steps that do not need the resources of the local machine to Robocorp Cloud containers or other machines.


"The step that needs Maria's machine" can be implemented to be as small and quick as possible so that the previous and following process steps can handle the heavy lifting.

June 28, 2021