Robocorp Lab initializations issues

We still have some known issues in Lab that are causing the initialization of Lab to fail in some environments with error codes INIT_3_10, INIT_4_10, JPTR_1_10 and GEN_0.

Most of the issues have to do with a couple of big sub-dependencies where the setup of those dependencies is slow. The big setups are also prone to get hit by virus scanner slow-downs and broken by network jitters etc. We are pushing to get updates to the dependencies, but they are not moving at the pace we would like, causing the slow-down of the whole development of Lab.

If you are hitting these problems, we recommend checking out our Visual Studio Code extensions. VS Code extensions already have all the features, so you won't be missing out on anything. The extensions already have built-in support for work item use in local development that is proving quite hard to get to Lab. VS Code development is moving a lot faster due to fewer obstacles, so we are getting new features in there quicker.

We are also looking to new avenues on getting a new development tool out to help out the newcomers in the form of Automation Studio during the spring of 2022, but more details on that later.

November 24, 2021