Supercharge Your ERP and Revenue with RP

80% of customers will buy workarounds to automate the tasks their ERPs don’t cover.

Offer World-class RPA Capabilities as an Extension of Your ERP

Automate repetitive tasks, rule-based tasks, and complex processes without altering existing systems.

  • Create new SaaS offerings and revenue streams
  • Embed deeper into your customer’s critical business processes
  • Integrate seamlessly with homegrown, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, and others

Stop Losing Money to RPA Providers

Customers say their ERPs lack the features they need. They look to RPA for composable capabilities that pair ERPs with legacy platforms and digitize more of their processes. They’re buying RPA to fill the gaps, while you miss out on the revenue.

Opportunity Knocks

Our unique open-source architecture lets you build and sell downloadable RPA apps that help your customers achieve more with your ERP solutions.

  • Process more of your customers’ work
  • Offer unlimited processing flexibility
  • Deliver unrivaled speed, volume and capacity

Why Robocorp?

By partnering with Robocorp, ERP providers gain a low-risk way to offer powerful RPA solutions that automate virtually all their customers’ most complex business processes - while enhancing revenue and customer stickiness.

  • Leverage the world’s most powerful open-source RPA platform
  • No need for additional infrastructure
  • Robocorp charges only for metered processing minutes

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