Free open-source developer tools for building software robots

An interactive open-source editor for software robot development. Free to use and comes with
everything that you need to start building automation solutions.

Introducing Robocorp's Free Developer Tools

Everything you need to build end-to-end RPA solutions

Robocorp Lab

Build Software Robots with our purpose-built development lab. It provides an easy way to get everything needed in one place. Easy to install, (we support Windows, macOS, and Linux) you get an environment designed for software robot development. You can focus on building instead of figuring out packages and configurations.

Everything you need to get started comes packaged for your operating system of choice in a convenient installer.
Robocorp Lab provides integration with Robocorp Cloud for seamless workflows in developing, orchestrating, and iterating over your robot implementation.

Open-source RPA Framework

Open-source RPA Framework libraries support the automation of typical use-cases with Robot Framework and Python. You can automate processes just by combining simple keywords like "open browser" and "click element". Our open ecosystem is also extendable with any external Python library and you can find a listing of our favorite Robot Framework libraries.

Robocorp developer tools, together with the RPA Framework, address RPA-specific needs such as handling user credentials, inspecting elements, and maintaining configurations for production and dev environments.

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Robocorp Learning & Resource center

The Robocorp learning and resource center is a constantly growing repository of learning materials and documentation for software robot developers. These resources are freely available and can be used by developers to learn about software robots and RPA.

With the help of the courses and tutorials, you can quickly get the gist of the human-readable syntax of Robot Framework. Beginners' course is aimed at those of you starting your software robot developer path. There is also a growing repository of tutorials to support more advanced use.

The Robocorp learning & resource center also hosts a curated selection of recommended resources for building software robots. You can browse through the selection of open source libraries and a keyword search to help you easily find what you need.

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