Hyperautomate Your IDP Solution with Gen2 RPA

Look to Robocorp open-source RPA to bridge the gaps between IDP and your broader technology stack to enable your most important business processes.

Open-source RPA creates limitless automation possibilities.

Extend your intelligent document processing (IDP) capabilities with Robocorp’s open-source RPA and automate virtually any process, regardless of your technology.

Common IDP + Robocorp RPA use cases.

There are hundreds of automation possibilities when you pair best-of-breed IDP solutions with Robocorp’s powerful open-source RPA tools. Here are some of our most popular use cases.

  • Purchase orders / invoice processing
  • Health / property insurance claims
  • Mortgage application
  • Bank customer onboarding - KYC
  • Patient onboarding and records

Autonomous business processes from end-to-end.

IDP solutions offer workflow features, but can lack interoperability with many of your systems. Robocorp picks up where IDPs leave off and automates entire complex business processes.

Consumption-based pricing makes it amazing.

Robocorp doesn’t have licesing fees. Customers only for automation processing minutes used.

We fit seamlessly into your document processing journey.

Robocorp integrates with your IDP solution to help extract and interpret structured and unstructured document data and transact it across your ERP, CRM and legacy systems.

Iron-clad security and compliance.

Role-based user management, separated workspaces, Secure Vault, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance help ensure peace of mind.

Make Your IDP Genius with RPA