RPA law firms and legal teams

Harness the power of automation to increase the efficiency of your legal team by streamlining administrative and compliance processes.

Bringing modern technology to the law

Despite being one of the longest established professions in the world, technology has not been implemented within the legal sector at scale. Yet in today’s society, meeting client demand for faster, more personalized service has become necessary to stay competitive.

Nearly two-thirds of an in-house legal team’s daily tasks are repetitive and do not require decision making skills. Thanks to automation, your firm can reclaim as much as 40% of your team’s time by automating most, if not all, of these tasks. Not only does this help reduce errors by removing the human element, it also frees your employees to focus on more valuable tasks, saving you money and helping your office to run more efficiently.

Automate your law firm or legal department

Robocorp’s RPA technology helps legal teams by removing human interaction for many fact-based processes, creating a system of document automation for lawyers working in teams of any size. By streamlining internal processes, Robocorp helps lawyers to provide better client experiences, and allow them to spend their time on more valuable tasks. A large percentage of administrative legal work can be automated, which means that it can be utilized to handle a wide variety of tasks across your firm.

Contract management

Legal contracts hold a wealth of information about your clients and cases, and many firms opt to migrate this information into contract management systems (CMS) in order to track trends and build better ICPs. Documents can be input automatically, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring your CMS is always up-to-date.


The tasks associated with e-filing important documents can demand a lot of your employees’ time and energy. Document automation can instead handle many of these tasks, including tracking case correspondence, recording case numbers, and submitting documents via e-file portals, leaving your employees free to complete high-level tasks instead.

Regulatory changes

Legal automation can keep you up-to-date on all changes within the United States legal and regulatory requirements database, as well as those in other jurisdictions. Bots monitor upcoming changes, and can automatically make updates to ensure that your processes comply with these changes as soon as they are implemented.

Conflict of interest

Another area in which RPA can be implemented in your daily operations is by automating conflict of interest disclosures and verifications. Bots can be utilized to search your case database, identifying and reporting conflicts of interest in a matter of minutes.

Team Performance

Law firm automation isn’t just for contract management and compliance; it can also be used as a way to monitor team performance. From identifying bottlenecks to finding areas where automation could be implemented in daily tasks, automation can highlight areas your team needs more guidance or additional assistance, increasing overall team efficiency.

Learn more about automation

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Benefits of RPA for legal services

Reduce error rates

When it comes to the legal industry, a single error on a document can cause a major delay in case processing. Utilizing legal document automation means almost totally eliminating the risk of errors, helping your department to run more smoothly and cases to be processed as efficiently as possible.

Increase efficiency

Managing CMS data, e-filing documents, and monitoring compliance data can all consume hours of your employees’ days. Law firm automation with Robocorp can increase efficiency by taking care of their more mundane tasks instead, freeing your team up to focus on high-level work and improving team morale.

Enhance client experience

Law firm automation doesn’t just help to reduce repetitive tasks for your staff, it also enhances client experience. Cases can be handled more efficiently, and RPA reporting options keep both you and your clients up-to-date on their case’s progress every step of the way.

Keep your data safe

Maintaining security and privacy of your case information is an extremely important part of both compliance regulations and maintaining your reputation. Robocorp’s RPA technology keeps all of your data safe and encrypted, and maintains audit trails so that you can see when information is accessed by either team members or bots.

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