Software robot development is the fastest way to solve automation challenges in any business.

“RPA is a promising new development in business automation that offers
a potential ROI of 30–200 percent—in the first year”. - McKinsey

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What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA allows you to automate routine, low-complexity and repetitive tasks without the use of additional human input.

RPA has a unique approach to automation. It is versatile in any flexible and aims to increase efficiency by eliminating manual tasks, thus allowing employees to focus on more customer-centric activities.

The end result of RPA are software robots that complete tasks for humans.

But what does RPA actually do? Or what do I do with my software robot?

There are thousands of use cases for robotic process automation. You can use RPA to emulate what any knowledge worker does on their computer screen. Software robots can copy/paste data from any system, log in as a user on antiquated systems, or connect via API to any system in your company.

How easy is it to build a software robot?

With Robocorp, building software robots is easy. We give you a custom development environment that gives you a head start on your automation journey. And because we leverage open-source technology, you gain access to a rich set of libraries that allow you to build upon the work of a global community of developers solving the same problems as you.

It must be hard to get started, right?

It is not hard to get started. In fact, if you start right now, you could finish coding a simple robot right now and be done in five minutes, and be running the robot in the cloud in about ten minutes.



Archiving data

Moving data between systems

Using systems with no API

Inputing info from datasource

Process forms

Sending info via email or SMS



Web-based systems

Windows applications

Various ERP systems like SAP

Citrix / virtualized systems

Modern API-based services

Legacy Applications



CSV, Excel and desktop apps

Parse emails

Word / text documents

Databases / APIs (SQL, JSON, etc)

PDF-documents (structured)

Unstructured data sources


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