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Robocloud pilot program launched

Robocorp has launched the first pilots of the Robocloud orchestration platform. The world's first cloud-native RPA orchestrator is designed to be a cost-effective, secure, fast, and scalable way to adopt and grow enterprise-level software robotics that has is built with open-source tools.

Robocloud is a subscription-based cloud platform that enables secure deployment and orchestration of robotic process automation workers with minimum overhead. Robocloud’s technology allows creating a scalable RPA infrastructure for an organization within minutes. Robocloud has a flat monthly rate, which is significantly lower than any current competing solution on the market. 

The ten pilot partners are leading consulting and system integrator companies that especially focus on offering top-level solutions for robotic process automation. The partners plan to develop solutions, for example, to finance, transportation, and logistics companies. Partner feedback is used to guide product development and prepare for the 2020 public product launch.

Robocorp is set out to change robotic process automation. RPA has the potential to change how millions of people work every day, and Robocorp is making it accessible to everyone through license-free open-source technologies and cloud delivery.

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Antti Karjalainen, CEO




Robocorp CEO to the board of Robot Framework Foundation

Robocorp CEO Antti Karjalainen was nominated to the board of Robot Framework Foundation.

The Foundation is a non-profit membership organization devoted to advancing open source software related to the Robot Framework. It promotes, supports and facilitates the growth of a diverse and international community of Robot Framework users.

The composition of the new board comforms the foundation’s growing interest in RPA and emphasizes the co-operation between developers and user organizations.

Antti will focus on accelerating Robot Framework’s international growth and adoption of OpenRPA as an integral part of the ecosystem.

The new board has the following members:

Ismo Aro (Siili Solutions plc)
Antti Karjalainen (Robocorp Technologies, Inc.)
Ossi Koivistoinen (Nokia)
Ari Alsi (Finnair)
Hanna Saari (Knowit Group Ltd)
René Rohner (Imbus AG)
Tatu Kairi (Eficode Ltd)

Robocorp is set out to change Robotic Process Automation. RPA has the potential to change how millions of people work every day and Robocorp is making it accessible to everyone through license-free open source technologies, delivered from a cloud platform. Robocorp’s solution is based on an infinitely scalable RPA cloud orchestration platform, called Robocloud, and a set of open source development tools, built around Robot Framework and the Python software ecosystem.

Robocorp sees that the open source community and Robot Framework Foundation are in important roles to develop new RPA solutions. Robot Framework Foundation is doing important work to coordinate the community and development of open source components. Robocorp wants to support this important work of the open source community.




New Funding

Robocorp has been granted R&D funding from Business Finland to support the company’s product development and international growth. The funding period is one year, during which Robocorp intends to launch its products to wider audiences and to secure seed funding.

Business Finland is an accelerator of global growth. It creates new growth by helping businesses go global and by supporting and funding innovations. Business Finland is the most important public funding agency for research funding in Finland, and is directed by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. 


Startup World Cup

Robocorp is pitching at Startup World Cup Finland final on March 6, 2019. The event is part of global Startup World Cup competition organized by Fenox VC. Eight best finalists were chosen from Finnish startups to pitch in Finland National Finale. The competition judges will choose the winner of competition that will be invited to compete in global Grand Finale in San Francisco.

Robocorp’s team is excited to be competing against seven seasoned startup companies in the national finale. See you at the pitching stage!

Press Release

Robocorp founded

Robocorp is a new startup based in Helsinki and San Francisco that is set out to change Robotic Process Automation (RPA) licensing and delivery models by creating a cloud-native RPA platform based on open source technologies. RPA is a fast growing market, estimated to reach $2.3B in 2019, but the whole market is still today dominated by license based solutions.

Robotic process automation has seen wide adoption during last few years but the potential of RPA has not been fully realised by current tool vendors. High cost and complicated license terms have narrowed down the potential use cases for the technology, says Robocorp founder and CEO, Antti Karjalainen.

The company’s leading idea is to create a cloud layer on top of open source RPA tools that makes developing enterprise grade RPA solutions much easier and significantly more cost efficient than with any current license-based solution. Based on Robot Framework, Robocorp’s cloud solution enables cost-effective and scalable RPA solutions that finally deliver on RPA’s promise of automating the world’s manual information processing tasks. For RPA developers, Robocorp is launching a learning resource hub and a set of modern development tools that enable developers to start building license-free RPA processes.

RPA needs an open ecosystem approach that can leverage fast moving advancements in open source technologies and machine learning. Currently only the RPA vendors are driving new capabilities in knowledge work automation instead of the ever-growing AI, Python and data science communities, Karjalainen continues.

Open source is the biggest enabler of software productivity and Robocorp is bringing it to RPA. Robocorp Technologies, Inc. was founded by a team of Robot Framework and RPA experts and the company’s initial investment was made by Siili Solutions Plc.

Robocorp is already working with selected partners and clients to deliver pilot solutions. The company takes on more pilot customers during the next months and generally available products come in late 2019. If you are interested to participate in pilots or get more information, please leave your email address below and we’ll keep you updated.

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