CaptureFast Library


This library has been created for data parse operation over documents via CaptureFast using Robot Framework.


CaptureFastLibrary can be found on PyPI:

To install, simply use pip:

Dependencies are automatically installed.

Importing in Robot Framework

As soon as installation has succeeded, you can import the library in Robot Framework:

Vault File Usage

In order to use the Robocorp cloud a json file should be created by using the vault mechanism offered by Robocorp to provide authorization information.To use the vault mechanism in the lab environment, a vault file and a secret file must be created. ( In project, you need to create a folder named “devdata” and create a “env.json”. You should write the comment below into this json file.

Create Secret File

Go to the "RPA_SECRET_FILE" file, Its content should be as follows:

Using Upload Document Function

The next process continues by using the "Upload Document" and "Get Document Data" functions in the library. "Upload Document" returns a "Document ID" to send your document to CaptureFast and to track the status of your document.

To use the Upload Document function, the path of your file should be given as the 1st parameter and the ${document_type_id} as the 2nd parameter. By doing this, we ensure to get the results of the document that we defined in CaptureFast.

Using Get Document Data Function

Results can be retrieved with the help of using ${documentid} (that has been supplied in Upload Document function) as a parameter.


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August 12, 2022


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