Solve a Triviaplaza quiz using OpenAI GPT-3

A robot that completes Triviaplaza's trivia quiz, asking OpenAI for the answers.


This robot solves a Triviaplaza quiz using OpenAI ChatGPT.

The robot takes a trivia quiz about King Arthur from The robot reads the question and the answer options and uses the API interface to ask the OpenAI artificial intelligence which of the options it thinks is the right answer, which the robot chooses.

Note: By changing the address in ${url} variable in the Variables section, you can configure the robot to perform another quiz..

Note: You can also use the GPT-4 API by configuring the variable ${gpt-model} to use either gpt-4 or gpt-3.5-turbo

The robot uses the RPA.Browser.Playwright library for browser automation and custom keyword library for interacting with OpenAI API.

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21 March 2023


Apache License 2.0