Crypto Asset Report - Tax Return

This robot returns the value of the crypto currency on the first day of the year. This can help in reporting taxes in Norway and may be other countries too. Thanks to Coingecko for an amazing free API.


Why use this robot?

In Norway, the government mandates that al cryptocurrency holdings are reported in the yearly tax return statement. However, unlike the stock market or bank accounts, the value of cryptocurrencies are volatile. The requirement is that individuals report the value of the asset as of the 1st day of the new year. To do this manually is not worth the time, what if we can automate it?


Through this Robocorp Robot script, I have tried to make the process of calculating the portfolio value a little less difficult.

What does script do?

  • The Robot uses the CoinGecko Historial Dataset API to poll the values of each input cryptocurrency.
  • The API calls are written in standard python functions in the "" file
  • The function GetCryptoPortfolio takes three inputs, namely year (the year you are trying to get the data for), cryptoCurrencies (dictonary of cryptocurrencies and your positions), inFiatCurrency (the fiat currency you want to get the value in)
  • The function CreatePortfolioPieChart takes "FiatCurrency" as input and saves a pie chart of the value in /results/CryptoPortfolioPieChart.png
  • The function CreatePortfolioTreeMapChart takes "FiatCurrency" as input and saves a TreeMap chart of the value in /results/CryptoPortfolioTreeMap.png

What does tasts.robot script do?

  • Sets the variables, settings and keywords.
  • Keywords are essentialy a wrapper to the functions in
  • Tasks invoke the keywords in the required order.
  • The output .csv and .png files are stored in the "/output" folder.


Ensure you setup your VS Code and Robocorp extensions to be able to run this robot in attended mode. Clone this repository and ensure your RCC in VS Code and Robocorp extensions is connected to your python instance. VS Code and Robocorp extensions will parse the conda.yaml file to install all dependecies for this project using pip.

Running the script

Step 1. Copy or Clone the contents of this repository

Step 2. Open the project in VS Code and open the tasks.robot file

Step 3. Change the variables as required year (string), cryptoCurrencies (dictionary), inFiatCurrency (string) *** Variables *** ${year} 2021 &{cryptoCurrencies} Bitcoin=${2} Cardano=${3000} Ethereum=${23.093898} Monero=${13} ${inFiatCurrency} nok # any fiat currency supported by CoinGecko

Step 4. Execute the tasks.robot file and the output files will then be found in this following relative path in the project. /results/CryptoPortfolio.csv /results/CryptoPortfolioPieChart.png /results/CryptoPortfolioTreeMap.png

The resulting output csv: | Date | Cryptocurrency | Position | Price in NOK | CryptoValue in NOK | | ---------- | -------------- | --------- | ------------ | ------------------ | | 01-01-2021 | Bitcoin | 2.0 | 249584.82 | 499169.64 | | 01-01-2021 | Cardano | 3000.0 | 1.57 | 4710.0 | | 01-01-2021 | Ethereum | 23.093898 | 6351.9 | 146690.13 | | 01-01-2021 | Monero | 13.0 | 1347.75 | 17520.75 | | | | | | |



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18 April 2023


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