Process Invoices to Airtable Using DocDigitizer

This project provides support for docDigitizer webService, in order to:

  • Receive / ingest invoices in PDF or any other format
  • Send them to DocDigitizer and obtain a taskID
  • Query DocDigitizer to obtain the documentID related to the taskID
  • Query DocDigitizer again to obtain the document Details

Invoices are also saved and registered into an Airtable repository.


An API_KEY is required to work with Airtable and must be included in Control Room:

  • A vault secret must exist called AirTable and must include APIKEY and APIURL
  • The APIKEY is provided by Airtable, in the API documentation. There is no need to include the word Bearer with the APIKEY
  • The API_URL can be obtained after registering into AirTable and replicating the URL-to-Replicate repository
  • After replicating the Invoice environment, Airtable will provide a URL that must be included in the secret. The following is an example URL in our secret: /appAbC123xYz987AZ/Invoices

To operate and work with docDigitizer, an API_KEY is also required and must be included in the Control Room:

  • A secret called DocDigitizer must exists and with the key API_KEY


The following tasks are different ways to feed invoices into the system. The most common ways to incorporate invoices into the system are:

  • Reading them from a folder
  • Obtaining them from an email box.

There are two robots that implement these use-cases:

  • Invoices From Folder
  • Invoices From Mailbox

Invoices From Folder

This robot reads the file in a folder and send them to DocDigitizer to obtain the relevant data

Configuration required:

  • "INVOICES_DIR": "Invoices"
  • This variable %{INVOICES_DIR} must be configured in Robocorp Cloud for this step

Invoices From Mailbox

This robot accesses a mailbox, reads emails with a subject including the word "Invoice", and then downloads the attachments to the previous folder.

Configuration required. The following variables must be configured in the Robocorp Cloud for this step :

  • "MAILSERVER": ""
  • "MAILPORT": "xyz",
  • "MAILBOX": "[email protected]"
  • "INVOICES_DIR": "Invoices"

Invoices From AirTable

Use this task if your users upload invoices directly to Airtable. Those invoices are retrieved from Airtable, the PDF file is downloaded, and a request with that invoice file is then sent to DocDigitizer.

Scheduled Tasks

Once invoices are sent to DocDigitizer, two tasks are executed under an schedule:

  • Invoices Update DocumentID in AirTable
  • Invoices Update Document Details in AirTable

API access to ROBOTS

Two tasks are provided to be used as an API

Send Invoice to docDigitizer

  • Send Invoice to docDigitizer

The payload to make use of this web service is as follows:

"payload": {
    "invoiceName": "invoice_filename.pdf",
    "invoiceId": "idCreatio-xxxx-yyyy",
    "urlCreatio": "https://host:port/path",
      "invoiceContent": base64content

Get invoice Details

  • Get Details from docDigitizer Invoice

    "payload": { "documentID": "xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-aaaa-kkkkkkkkkkkk" }

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