LastPass Firefox Extension in Robocorp Control Room

LastPass Firefox extension in Robocorp Control Room


This Robot demonstrates how to install LastPass Firefox extension on runtime in Robocorp's Control Room Cloud container. Example could be altered to install any Firefox extension.

Missing logic

What has been left out of the example is implementation is a retry logic covering necessity to complete IP verification. The Cloud container IP address might change between runs and this will trigger access block from the LastPass. Access can be verified by clicking the link in the email sent by the LastPass.


Q. Why Chrome was not used ?

A. Chrome could not be used for this case, because Cloud container runs are run in the headless mode and there is an issue with extension installation on Chrome headless mode which could not be easily resolved.

Q. Why the use of ?

A. This feature is not yet supported by the RPA.Browser.Selenium library of the rpaframework package, but it can be added #issue 341

Result after installation and logging into extension

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