ChatGPT Html Selector Guesser Assistant

Robocorp Assistant that uses OpenAI API to guess the XPath locators from a given site.


This robot uses RPA.Assistant and RPA.OpenAI libraries to create XPath selectors for Input and/or Button web elements.

NOTE: This is experimental, and a demonstration of potential capabilities of Generative AI models. There are plenty of situations where this example will not work. We have published this as a portal example to promote discussion and learning, not to suggest that this is production ready code.

This Assistant Robot:

  • Authenticates to OpenAI API using your own API key (which you need to configure in the code or in Robocorp Vault)
  • Opens a Robocorp Assistant UI, and asks url where to search for the elements.
  • Gets all the matching elements.
  • Uses ChatGPT to create XPath locators and give them good names.
  • Tests if the selectors can find elements from the website.
  • If incorrect selectors are found robot can continue the conversation with ChatGPT and ask for a fix for the non working selectors.
  • Creates a json file to the output folder and displays the content to the user.


Learning materials