RPA.DocumentAI: extract structured data from documents

RPA.DocumentAI: Intelligent Document Processing with various engines

Currently supported engines:

  • Google: google (requires rpaframework-google)
  • Base64: base64ai
  • Nanonets: nanonets


Process a real world PDF invoice (or its PNG counterpart) with the following tasks:

  • Document AI Google: using Google engine
  • Document AI Base64: using Base64 engine
  • Document AI Nanonets: using Nanonets engine
  • Document AI All: using all the available engines
  • Document AI Work Items: using custom configured engines for multiple files


We recommend using Control Room's Vault for storing the API keys you'd normally need to configure before being able to operate these libraries which need to authenticate in their external services before being able to predict a document.

The expected structure can be observed within our vault.yaml file and looks like so:

out of which we can understand the following:

Use Init Engine with any of the above for a unified & simplified experience.

⚠️ At all times keep these values private (securely stored in our Vault) and treat them like passwords.