Robocorp Labs Interactive Tutorial

Over the course of this simple 6-part tutorial, using the power of Robot Framework, you'll create a working software robot that:

  • opens a web browser
  • searches for an image of our choosing
  • display the image to you

You'll then move your new software robot to live in the Control Room, where the image will be saved as a new file for later use.

This tutorial will take ~25 minutes and consists of:

  1. Understanding Cells
  2. Tasks
  3. Keywords
  4. Running Our Robot
  5. Moving Our Robot to Control Room
  6. Finishing Thoughts

As you proceed through each part you'll be introduced to the basic ideas and features related to software robot development and suggestions for further learning.

If you want to learn the essential concepts, click the link below to start from the beginning:

  01: Understanding Cells

Experienced developer in a hurry? Want to see what a completed Robocorp robot definition looks like? Skip to part 04:

  04: Running our Robot

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