Order in bulk the total number of requested robot parts

RobotSpareBin 3-Step Process for distributing orders by robot part type.


This is a 3-Step Process which takes a list of orders and computes the total number of heads, bodies and legs that we have to order.

This is a funny practical approach of the SplitCombine pattern:

  • Problem: Having to process multiple input Work Items before being able to create just one output Work Item with the final result at the end of the iteration.
  • Solution: Creating an empty output Work Item attached to the initial input one, then saving later on the final result data into it.

Process diagram


  1. Read And Split Orders: Splits a list of orders from robotsparebin-orders input Work Item into individual output ones.
  2. Compute Number Of Parts: Computes a total for every requested part type: heads, bodies and legs. Then creates an output Work Item with the total.
  3. Order The Parts In Bulk: Generates an invoice with the total number of body parts we have to order.


  • For the first task (#1) select the already present input Work Item to run with: robotsparebin-orders
  • For every subsequent task (#2, #3) select as input the last output obtained from the previous step. Example:
    • Task #1: robotsparebin-orders
    • Task #2: run-2
    • Task #3: run-3

Technical information

Last updated

26 October 2023


Apache License 2.0