Playwright Based Web Store Order Processor

Web store order processor example robot but implemented with Playwright based Browser library.

See for an in-depth look into the library itself.

Why use Playwright based Browser library?

  • Implicit retrying on Getters
  • More concise API
  • Execution speed through Context and Page abstractions, enabling multi-login and multi-tab automation without multiple browsers

Configure local vault


Paste this content in the vault file:

  "swaglabs": {
    "username": "standard_user",
    "password": "secret_sauce"

In devdata/env.json, edit the RPA_SECRET_FILE variable to point to the vault.json file on your filesystem. On macOS / Linux, use normal file paths, for example, "/Users/<username>/vault.json" or "/home/<username>/vault.json". On Windows 10, you need to escape the path, for example, "C:\\Users\\User\\vault.json".

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