Web Store Order Processor with Playwright

Example Web Store Order Processor implemented with Playwright


Web store order processor example robot but implemented with Playwright based Browser library.

See for an in-depth look into the library itself.

Why use Playwright based Browser library?

  • Implicit retrying on Getters
  • More concise API
  • Execution speed through Context and Page abstractions, enabling multi-login and multi-tab automation without multiple browsers

Configure local vault


Paste this content in the vault file:

In devdata/env.json, edit the RPA_SECRET_FILE variable to point to the vault.json file on your filesystem. On macOS / Linux, use normal file paths, for example, "/Users/<username>/vault.json" or "/home/<username>/vault.json". On Windows 10, you need to escape the path, for example, "C:\\Users\\User\\vault.json".

Technical information

Last updated

February 16, 2023


Apache License 2.0