Robots to Manage pre-built environments

Robot implementations for running and managing prebuilt environments with rccremote


The robots here enable you to pre-built RCC environments on normal Workers via Control Room process:


Robot for creating pre-built environments:

  • Environment config given in workitem
  • Built the environment using RCC
  • Example shows pushing to S3, but you can replace this with basically any file server / service


Robot the "publishes" pre-built environments to RCC Remote. This robot is meant to be executed on the machine that is running rcc-remote service.

  • Download the pre-built environment from S3
    • You can replace the S3 with file service of your choosing
  • Imports the pre-built environment so that rcc-remote service is able to distribute the environment to tools and users.

Note that here you can inject process tools and steps of yous choosing: Manual approvals, virus scanners, etc.

For more details checkout our docs on the topic


For running this robot you will need a S3 secret and a workitem that will contain the essential informations. The structure for the Vault item is:

  • Secret name: s3secret
    • Value key holding your AWS Access Key ID
    • Value secret holding the AWS Access Key

The structure for the Workitem is:

  • bucket: the value has to be the bucket name used to store the Holotree
  • url: the URL that points to the conda.yaml file or the metaconda.lst

Technical information

Last updated

21 April 2023


Apache License 2.0