Quarter Close Challenge

A robot that solves the Auction Sniper challenge.


This robot solves the Quarter Close Challenge.

Create a bot that can review all the transactions displayed on the challenge page and for each of these transactions, find the matching transaction in the banking application. If a match is found, mark the transaction as ‘Verified’. If no match is found, mark the transaction as ‘Unverified’ so that the finance team can dig into this transaction further. Update the status for all the transactions on the page and Submit to complete the challenge.

The robot code

Note: There is no one and only "correct" solution. This is just one example of how you might use Robocorp to solve this challenge.

The robot uses the RPA.Browser.Playwright library for browser automation. The RPA.Robocorp.Vault library handles the required login credentials (these can be managed either locally or in Control Room). The built-in Collections library provides keywords for handling lists and dictionaries.

Open the transaction review website

The robot opens a new headless browser. Since this robot interacts with multiple web pages, the page details are returned so that the robot can switch between the pages when needed.

Accept cookies

The cookies are accepted by clicking a button.

Get transactions

The robot scrapes all the transactions from the web page and returns the relevant transaction data as a list of dictionaries. CSS provides useful queries for selecting elements where the given attribute starts with the given value, for example: div[id^="transaction" (select all the div elements where the id value starts with transaction).

Open the bank web application

The robot opens the bank application by clicking the opening link on the transaction review website. The bank application opens into a new tab. The Switch Page keyword switches to the new tab.

Log in to the bank web application

The robot fetches the credentials from a vault and logs in.

Match transactions

The robot searches for the transactions and sets the status based on whether the transaction was found or not.

Save transaction statuses

Switching back to the transaction review page, the robot sets the statuses and submits the page.

Take a screenshot of the result

Finally, the robot takes a screenshot of the result modal.

Technical information

Last updated

30 November 2022


Apache License 2.0