Automatic Work Item Retrier Bot

An example robot which can automatically retry failed work items with specified exception types.


This robot will list all processes in a workspace as configured from the provided vault and then find those work items which failed with an exception type of "APPLICATION", "ORCHESTRATOR", or "UNSPECIFIED" and retry them.

The robot expects the environment variable WORKSPACE_CREDS to point to the name of the vault item which contains the workspace api key. It defaults to "workspace_credentials". The vault object should have two keys:

  • api_key
  • workspace_id

The vault item can include the key process_id to restrict this bot's actions to only one process.

The api key used must have the following permissions for this bot to function:

  • read_processes
  • read_runs
  • write_work_items
  • read_work_items
  • trigger_processes

Technical information

Last updated

22 July 2022


Apache License 2.0