CSV File Driven Web Robot

This robot was part of the World Wide Workshop Wednesday 2020 workshop "RPA with Robot Framework and Robocorp".

  • Orders robots from RobotSpareBin Industries Inc.
  • Saves the order HTML receipt as a PDF file.
  • Saves the screenshot of the ordered robot.
  • Embeds the screenshot of the robot to the PDF receipt.
  • Creates a ZIP archive of the receipts and the images.

If you want to challenge your automation skills, try and build the robot without looking at the solution! Go to the workshop repository and follow the instructions and tips!

If you are only interested in trying out the robot or reading the code, feel free to do so! :)

Note that this robot was built using Visual Studio Code and Robocorp extensions using the default Robot Framework syntax. If you want to try it in Robocorp Lab's notebook mode, you need to move the *** Tasks *** cell to the bottom as the last cell and annotate all the keyword cells with the *** Keywords *** heading.

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