Find similar signatures in image documents

Robocorp assistant that takes two files in and finds if they have matching signatures using

This bot spawns an Assistant UI which asks for two images that may contain signatures. Then it checks for and displays similar ones, including their confidence score. (levels can be adjusted)

The two requested images are the following:

  • Query: The image that contains signatures you want to test. (like a contract or check -- eg. signature-check)
  • Reference: A document you trust to have a valid signature belonging to the entity you're checking against. (like a passport or driver license -- eg. signature-license)


Check Signature Matching In Images

Start an Assistant loop for checking similar signatures found in the provided images. Ability to customize acceptance criteria (confidence and similarity thresholds).

Image selection window: Image selection

Results window: Results


This robot uses the RPA.DocumentAI.Base64AI library and this requires a 3rd-party service and credentials (Vault) configuration.