SSH command examples

Various ways of running SSH commands with/out waiting for output.


Various ways of running SSH commands with/out waiting for output.


  1. Spawn a *nix environment with SSH access, preferably through a SSH key.
    • Passwords work too, but are less secure and you should pass it to the Login keyword.
  2. Put on the remote environment this dummy Python script under a ~/Scripts directory.
  3. Check how it works by running from the remote home directory the following command: cd ~/Scripts && python3 and you should see some numbers being printed.


  1. Configure your own HOST and USER env vars first.
  2. Run the robot in VSCode or with rcc and chose between different ways of running commands:
    • Execute And Wait For Output: Simply executes and waits until the command finishes.
    • Execute And Read Async: Executes commands without waiting for the previous one to finish, then retrieves the output from the most recent one until the first ran.
    • Write And Read From Terminal: Writes text into the console and reads until there's no more output to be displayed.


  • The private key should be kept secret, safe and secure at all costs, that's why is called private.
    • Same applies to passwords.
  • The same code can be adapted to real life scenarios where you execute more complex scripts. For dealing with their output, check the following keywords as well:
    • Execute Command
    • Start Command & Read Command Output
    • Write[ Bare] & Read Until[ Prompt/Regexp]

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