Web Store Order Processor

Swag order processing robot.

MS Excel

Swag order robot. Places orders at by processing a spreadsheet of orders and ordering the specified products using browser automation. Uses local or cloud vault for credentials.

Configure local vault


Paste this content in the vault file:

In devdata/env.json, edit the RPA_SECRET_FILE variable to point to the vault.json file on your filesystem. On macOS / Linux, use normal file paths, for example, "/Users/<username>/vault.json" or "/home/<username>/vault.json". On Windows 10, you need to escape the path, for example, "C:\\Users\\User\\vault.json".

Control Room

Configure your vault using the UI. The name of the vault should be swaglabs. Provide the user name and the password as key-value pairs (see the vault file for the exact naming).

Technical information

Last updated

September 7, 2022


Apache License 2.0