Web Store Order Processor

Swag order processing robot.

MS Excel

Swag order robot. Places orders at by processing a spreadsheet of orders and ordering the specified products using browser automation. Uses local or Control Room's Vault for credentials.


Paste this content in the vault file:

In devdata/env-local.json, edit the RPA_SECRET_FILE variable to point to your vault.json file on your filesystem. On macOS / Linux, use normal file paths (e.g.: "/Users/<username>/vault.json" or "/home/<username>/vault.json"). On Windows, you need to escape the path: "C:\\Users\\User\\vault.json".

Make sure you rename the env-local.json file into env.json if you want it picked automatically by VSCode when the extension is not connected to the cloud, otherwise the extension will be able to pick them up from Control Room's online Vault if connected to the Workspace.

Configure your Vault using the UI. The name of the vault should be swaglabs. Provide the user name and the password as key-value pairs (see the vault file for the exact naming).

Technical information

Last updated

August 14, 2023


Apache License 2.0