Send Email Using Windows Outlook Application

This robot sends email using Windows Outlook application UI. Application is launched or already open application is used.


This example requires a working Outlook installation on a Windows system and a user already configured and logged on.

Demo recording:

Environment variables setup

  • OUTLOOK_ACCOUNT (REQUIRED): This variable incorporates the Outlook account name. (so the app window can be correctly identified and controlled)
  • EMAIL_RECIPIENT (REQUIRED): To whom to send the e-mail. (can be the same address as above)
  • EMAIL_ATTACHMENT (OPTIONAL): A file path to a file to attach. (can be relative)
  • EMAIL_BODY (OPTIONAL): A path to a file containing the content of the e-mail body. (make sure that this contains an <ATTACHMENT_TEXT> placeholder inside, as this will be replaced by the file path you want to attach for confirmation purposes)

Our default body contains: ```text Greetings!

This e-mail has been sent by a Robocorp robot. <ATTACHMENT_TEXT> You can find my source at

Best Regards, Mark the Robot ```


The main task (Send email with Outlook application on Windows) calls the following keywords:

  • Set variables for this task: Sets the final e-mail body content.
  • Open new Outlook or use the currently open one: Ensures an active Outlook app open.
  • Press New Email button and send one: Sends the e-mail with/out an attachment.

Workarounds in use to improve automation efficiency

  • Clipboard is used in some places to paste text into input fields / text areas instead of sending keystrokes (faster). The clipboard is cleared with the Teardown Actions keyword.
  • A default e-mail body text is read from the email_body.txt file in the absence of a custom body provided by the EMAIL_BODY environment variable. The file content should include an <ATTACHMENT_TEXT> text inside, which will be replaced with the file name of the attachment (if one is provided).

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April 12, 2023


Apache License 2.0